Saturday, November 07, 2009

Banesto Seeking EUR 100 Million Sale Leaseback of 24 Bank Branches Across Spain

Reuters (as translated by Google)- November 3, 2009

Banesto (BTO.MC) has 24 sales offices in operation 'sale & leaseback' with which they hoped to raise 150 million euros, a source said Tuesday the operation concedora .

A spokesman for Banesto confirmed that the agency had given a mandate to Aguirre Newman sales, but declined comment on the amount of the transaction.

A spokesman for Aguirre Newman also commented on the transaction. "Banesto has put up for sale 'sale & leaseback' office a package of 150 million euros," the source said.

The financial institution follows in the footsteps of its parent Santander (SAN.MC) two years ago sold for subsequent lease its headquarters in Boadilla del Monte and several bundles of branches. Sphere: Related Content

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