Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Greek Government Seeking Sale Leaseback of up to EUR 1 Billion in State Owned Property

Greek Reporter - May 31, 2010

From what is seems, the green light has given in order for the new privatization program of state owned enterprises. Over 1 billion euros in revenue is expected if the program is put into action.

In an pushed meeting, which took place last Saturday under the chairmanship of the Minister for Finance, Mr. G. Papakonstantinou with the participation of the Minister’s of Infrastructure, Energy and Tourism, plus twelve general secretaries of different ministries, accepted the plan will present it to the members of the MP’s Board.

According to each enterprise there will be, a percentage sale or the total of the company, or the quest of “strategic investors”, or the opportunity to let public property a specified period of time.

The new privatization program states the following:

Percentage sale to citizens, without, rulling out the possibility of also passing the management along also.

Percentage sale of the company. In the time being, the scenario of further equity is removed form the table of discussion, as the economic team believes that this move is not appropriate during this period, whereas the stock market values are low.

DEPA: Will give away a percentage, as also, the management to private individuals.
Casinos: Shall be privatized
Airports – Ports – Highways: Property: Are decided to proceed with the waiver holding to individuals for 30 or 40 years (sale & lease back). Sphere: Related Content

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